RSG Finance is an Interim, Advice and Recruitment Office in the field of Finance & Control. Our motto “Human Key Solutions” ensures motivated knowledge specialists within the field of Accounting & Reporting, Business Control and Corporate Governance. We intermediate people with a higher professional education, in positions ranging from assistant controller to the CFO. RSG Finance is active both within the profit as well as public sector.

Our 3 core values which you will find in our DNA and in our way of doing business are:

  1. Professionalism

Because we only focus on the domain of Finance and believe in a continuous basic education of our talents, our people are suitable and professional. Moreover, we believe in the right competences and the development thereof.

You will get competent, professional talents at your disposal!

  1. Commitment

By operating in close proximity with the client we can anticipate their demands and at what time they will arise, which enables us to contribute on a tactical level.

We do it together!

  1. Decisiveness

Our effort and drive assure the right professional for the requested solution.

We deliver!

RSG Finance was founded in 2007. The Flexible Partner Model was developed to provide ambitious Finance Professionals more room to express their own career path and content. Today it offers the perfect solution for the Freelance Professional in the context of changing legislation.

The employees of RSG are characterized not only by their state-of-the-art knowledge, a lot of experience and a solid level of ambition, but also by their entrepreneurial spirit. Their goal is to achieve a win-win in every assignment and, as a result, strengthening of the long-term relationship. Our people are the source of our success and the main reason why we won the FD Gazelle Award from the Financial Times in 2015 and 2016. In the financial world, trust is crucial. We, at RSG Finance, are conscious about that fact more than anyone.

From our three Service Lines we intermediate for both temporary and permanent positions. Even if you are self-employed, you are at the right place at RSG Finance!


Business Lines


Reports and management information must be increasingly detailed, and also quickly available. Business processes, automation systems and management activities are constantly subject to change, but must also meet your financial reporting, taking into account the applicable laws and regulations. This requires time and energy and sets high demands on the skills of your employees. This work takes place under time pressure, which builds on top of the regular work tasks.

RSG A&R helps you master the peak loads and offers you the possibility to broaden your knowledge and capacity (temporarily or permanently). Our Finance Professionals have experience with Dutch GAAP, US GAAP, IFRS and with the main ERP systems. They will secure the progress of your regular work tasks and support you in the preparation, execution and control of your projects.

RSG A&R supports the departments of Financial Control, Accounting & Reporting and the Shared Service Centre.

Performance management – that’s  what it’s about. The optimization of all processes within your organization, not just the ones related to Finance. How do we seize opportunities and avoid setbacks?

RSG BC helps you align opportunities, threats (and costs thereof) and management activities. We improve your return by optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of your management activities. Our people have extensive experience in the field of Business Control and/or Project Control. They will help you structure your organization in such a way that opportunities are exploited and unexpected setbacks are avoided.

RSG BC supports the departments of Business Control, Finance & Control, Treasury, Procurement, Sales, Logistics and R&D in terms of Project Control and Business Control Control.

RSG Public was launched in 2014 to create more focus on the public domain. In 2016 a strategic partnership was formed with Driessen Professionals. With this we joined forces which created a strong party acting as Finance Specialist in the Public Domain: RSG Finance, powered by Driessen.

Budget cuts in the public sector are conducted on a large scale. Efficiency is an increasingly important subject for your institution. The vision of your institution should not suffer because of these cuts. Focus on costs and benefits, grant management, and the regularity and efficiency of spending are also important pillars for you, as a public institution. The purpose of this is to guarantee the quality of public and social tasks, where integrity and transparency are expressed.

RSG Public helps you with optimising the quality of internal control. Our Public Professionals have extensive experience in the public sector, in the field of Accounting & Reporting, Business Control and Corporate Governance. They guarantee the quality of your public duties and support a sound internal management. They are able to inspire your team, to advise and to further optimize.

RSG Public supports the national government, the municipalities, the community schemes, healthcare, educational institutions and housing corporations. Our focus is on planning and control, reporting and valuation, funding projects, treasury and compliance with laws and regulations.

Service Lines 




The planning and control cycle is characterized by hard deadlines. For that, a good busy finance department, staffed by knowledgeable and experienced Finance Professionals, is a must. Is hiring new people not an option? Then Interim Management can help.

If you chose for posting via RSG, you are assured of quality, reliability and security of a fixed force, combined with the flexibility of posting. All of the benefits, none of the burdens.

RSG Finance posts highly skilled Finance Professionals in the field of Accounting & Reporting, Business Control and Corporate Governance.

Our professionals are ambitious, pragmatic and result-oriented. Because of their broad experience, they quickly adapt. They increase the productivity of your finance department and provide new momentum.

Are you curious about our Finance Professionals? We will gladly introduce you to some candidates.

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